31 May 2023

After Tet Holiday, it’s time to seek a new job and start a new journey. However, are you wondering where you truly belong to? Check out these 5 tips and see how they work!

Open-minded, transparent and detail-oriented

Communication matters to the whole team, especially when some misunderstandings or disagreements exist. However big or small the problem is, it can be solved in the end. In reality, many conflicts happen due to a lack of transparency in communication. In some cases, corporate culture, leaders’ ideology, and the nature of work are also affected, so it will never be easy to build an ideal workplace. Importantly, a sense of openness and willingness to share information is bound to boost your working mood as well as reduce turnover intention.

Transparent working environment
Transparent working environment


Clear career path

Career plays an integral part in life, that’s why each individual tries their best at work. When you really enjoy your workplace, you will have the opportunity to improve yourself and create your own career path. The state of “not knowing what to do” is a common fear, let alone endless series of questions such as “When will I get a good deal?”, “When I get a promotion?”, “What my future will be like?”…  If you have no idea about that, maybe it’s not an ideal workplace for you!

Clear career path
Clear career path


Room for growth

In a happy workplace, all are equally given opportunities to advance themselves and get better every day. Otherwise, imagine that 10 years later, you will question yourself what you’ve learned here, and how far you can go,… which may lead you to an endless deadlock.

Upbeat working mood

A sense of satisfaction means that you maintain a positive attitude at work. If you immerse yourself in your work with all your passion and dedication, congratulations, you are born to do this job.

Mutual support and sharing

The company is not only a large collective but also a place where individuals gather as a team to achieve goals together. It’s essential that all members are given both financial and emotional support, which makes you all a unit.

Supportive colleagues
Supportive colleagues

In summary, how many points did your company get? What are the most essential elements of a good work environment?  Hopefully, with the above 5 signs, you will find a work environment that makes you happy.


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