Strengthen relationship in offshore development

31 May 2023

Hello everyone, we are MOR Software. From experience in working with our clients, we list some points to share with you on how to build offshore development successfully.

Offshort development center

1. Build trust in the relationship

Generally, it is difficult to work together without mutual trust. Even if you have to cooperate together in an unavoidable circumstance, working efficiency will not increase due to mental stress and skepticism. Therefore, we honestly share with you the reason why offshore development often fails from the stage of the first sale, as well as our strengths and areas of improvement. Clients who understand the risks will be successful in the next stages from proposal to development. Additionally, regardless of the readiness in using offshore development, in such cases, the ongoing project at client’s side is at the risk of the deadline, or simply the client uses it for the purpose of cost reduction, the client tends to judge emotionally that the development deliverables are not met their expectation just with the reason the mutual trust relationship has not been already built. In our opinion, mental preparation is required before starting offshore development. We recommend you should start with a small-scale project first in case there are a lot of anxieties remaining 

2. Always keep in mind the mid-term and long-term relationship

The offshore development center is the client’s own team to be located in Vietnam. The more dedicated team grows, the more this team contributes to the client’s profits. Additionally, it is impossible to request an engineer who has just joined the company in a short period of time to handle work at the level of a person who performed for several years immediately. When conducting a dedicated development team, we not only listen to client requirements carefully then assign appropriate human resources but also become familiar with the culture, environment, process, rules of the client, especially the personality of the person in charge of the client-side.

3. Respect Relationship

Vietnamese engineers of the offshore development team are human too. So if you praise them when they do well, they will be more motivated to perform their best. Nowadays, internal relationships in Vietnamese IT companies have become fairly flat. The hierarchical relationship is fading. At MOR, we do not distinguish bosses or subordinates. Bosses usually participate in projects and are involved in development with team members to assure the success of the project. Therefore, building a respectful relationship plays a significant role in offshore development. When we respect each other, we will be happy to work together.

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