TOP 5 Salesforce Companies in Vietnam Updated 2024

12 Sep 2023

In the ever-evolving customer relationship management (CRM) landscape, Salesforce has emerged as a global leader, revolutionizing how businesses connect with their customers. With its robust suite of cloud-based applications, Salesforce has empowered companies to streamline operations, boost sales, and enhance customer engagement. Among the vast array of organizations harnessing Salesforce's capabilities, some have truly stood out as pioneers and innovators in the field.

In this exploration of the top 5 Salesforce companies in Vietnam, we will delve into their excellent service and cutting-edge quality in delivering the best Salesforce solutions. These companies have effectively implemented Salesforce and leveraged its power to drive growth, foster innovation, and redefine customer experiences.

1. MOR Software JSC

MOR Software is currently the most notable technology company in providing comprehensive Salesforce services as well as developing cutting-edge Salesforce-based software.

MOR Software - Leading Salesforce partner in Vietnam
MOR Software - Leading Salesforce partner in Vietnam

With outstanding teams of engineers with cross-domain expertise and an extensive service portfolio, MOR Software strives to accelerate your business’s growth through the power of Cloud and help you uncover limitless opportunities with Digital Transformation by leveraging Salesforce. 

To maximize your business’s potential with Salesforce, our services include: 

  • Salesforce Consulting: Our expert consulting ensures smooth Salesforce integration for businesses. We offer comprehensive support, covering Salesforce product implementation, customization, third-party integrations, and data and Lightning migration, allowing you to concentrate on your primary business goals.
  • Salesforce Implementation: Our cost-effective services ensure interrupt-free implementation of various Salesforce cloud platforms, such as Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Analytics Cloud, Community Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, and Nonprofit Cloud, among others.
  • Salesforce Development: Leveraging our certified expertise and success across domains, we deliver premium Salesforce solutions to our clients. Our standout offerings include specialized Salesforce customization, with a focus on custom apps, Salesforce1 mobile apps, and
  • Salesforce Integration: Our extensive expertise in CRM integration services helps businesses with automated procedures and workflows for a better user experience, especially in API development & integration, Master Data Management (MDM), Salesforce Pardot, and Lightning components.
  • Salesforce Management: To ensure the deployed Salesforce environment is always at peak performance, we craft need-specific Salesforce management services as well as User, Admin and Management Training, ensuring businesses experience Salesforce smoothly. 
  • Salesforce Maintenance: With a team of certified developers, analysts, and support technicians, we provide thorough technical support and maintenance services in Salesforce such as troubleshooting, user support, system upgrades, data management, and maintenance. Our Salesforce maintenance service can help businesses promptly reduce the risk of data loss and downtime.

As a Global Consulting Partner of Salesforce offering end-to-end Salesforce services and solutions, MOR Software is proud to be one of the TOP 5 SALESFORCE COMPANIES, which are authorized to help businesses unlock the true potential of Salesforce built-in tools and features with an agile development approach. 

Get your project started with MOR Experts! 

Salesforce’s partners in Vietnam
Salesforce’s partners in Vietnam

2. Aris Vietnam

Aris Vietnam is a Japanese Software Service Provider with more than 12 years of experience in developing various software projects for Japanese and Vietnamese markets. We provide software development services per clients’ requests, and develop mobile apps, and websites with other services, such as software testing and graphic design services. 

The value of the provided services by ARIS Vietnam to our clients is the combination of high expertise, professional processes, advanced technology, and a thorough understanding of customers’ needs.


3. Sonix Solutions

Sonix Solution delivers tailored software development services, including mobile app and website development, along with additional offerings like software testing and graphic design. 

Furthermore, Sonix Solution provides a spectrum of Salesforce services encompassing implementation, application development, migration, integration, and customization, backed by their team of certified Salesforce consultants.


4. OMN1 Solution

Omn1 Solution is deeply committed to providing solutions based on the Salesforce platform. This dedicated team of experts is driven to ensure businesses receive the desired solutions.

Omn1 Solution offers a wide range of services including Salesforce Cloud solutions, System consultancy, Website & App Development, etc.


5. Sotatek JSC

Sotatek JSC stands as a premier APAC Blockchain & Software Corporation. Passionate and determined tech professionals form its backbone, all dedicated to delivering cutting-edge IT services. Their overarching mission is to drive business success via digital evolution. 

Their experienced Salesforce team specializes in offerings like Custom CRM Solutions, CRM Integration, Development, Implementation, Support, Training, Consulting, and App Development.



Vietnam is witnessing an increasing presence of Salesforce Consulting Partners, skilled in enhancing CRM processes, streamlining marketing automation, and improving business data management. This article highlights the TOP 5 SALESFORCE COMPANIES, with MOR Software JSC at the forefront, all recognized for their consistently superior service and solution delivery. For tailored CRM solutions, application development, or system consulting, these firms are well-prepared to address your enterprise requirements. To fully leverage the full potential of Salesforce, it's advisable to partner with a recognized consulting firm such as the one mentioned above.

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