SpaceShare – The first online reservation platform for coworking space in Vietnam

SpaceShare – The first online reservation platform for coworking space in Vietnam


In 2020,  MOR Software JSC was a recipient of Sao Khue Award for field “Software Outsourcing Service” at The annual Sao Khue Announcement and Awards Ceremony 17th, took place in Hanoi.

In addition to software outsourcing service, we are also providing our own product called SpaceShare. This service was launched in February 2019, overcame coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam, then gradually and steadily gained a high position in the Vietnamese high-tech market.


Website of SpaceShare


SpaceShare was introduced and presented by Vietnam Television (VTV) via Livestream on the afternoon of July 2nd.

SpaceShare is a platform that connects customers looking for business-served spaces and the space owners. “Fast-flexible-savings” is the basic policy of our service. This is the first service in Vietnam that allows booking real spaces and shared offices with online platforms 24/7. At the moment, you can book rooms which have spaces for up to 2000 people.

Our Achievement until February 2020


Our service basically has three courses such as: co-working space, event space, conference room and shared office. According to co-founder Ms. Hai Anh, who was attending that interview at that moment, said that “The shared office service will support the company to overcome the corona period and make profit as Vietnam’s first idea. At this time, our service is available for both the web and smartphone application.”

During the interview, she introduced an overview of space sharing, basic usage on the web and smartphone. Then, she introduced and interviewed each member. It was obvious that there are many young members who are active and enthusiastic about SpaceShare.

She said: “Our company’s future policy is to improve the system so that it can provide the perfect situation, and to strengthen the connection with third companies that provide business support such as online secretaries and voice-to-text conversion services.“

Finally, the announcer of VTV asked our members, “Who are you working for?”.  Co-founder Ms. Hai Anh said: “We are working for our own happiness. Firstly, we think about what makes ourselves happy, set goals and plans, and then do it.”