MOR Software recently developed Orthocomm, a dental clinic management system that provides a comprehensive range of functions and an easy-to-use interface for the clinic's patients and providers. The system's goal is to enhance the provider-patient relationship and improve patient care.


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MOR Software developed Orthocomm, a dental clinic management system with an intuitive interface and comprehensive functions to strengthen provider-patient relationships and care planning. The system includes web/app login for customers and clinics, tracking patient information and disease progression, managing and comparing disease pictures, and scheduled push notifications. 

The customer

Our customer is Orthocomm, a healthcare company specialized in dental clinic, currently based in Japan. 

The challenges

Orthocomm's primary requirements were to have web/app logins for both the customers and the clinic staff. Additionally, the system needed to track patient information, including their medical history and disease progression. 

To facilitate this, the system must be also designed to manage and compare customers' disease pictures at different timeframes. To further encourage patients during their treatment, the system was also equipped with smart, automated scheduled push notifications.

The solution

MOR Software's development team consisted of five members who worked together for 18 months to create Orthocomm. The tech stack included Angular, Nodejs, and MongoDB for the database.


Our team ensured that the system was user-friendly and intuitive, allowing patients to easily access their medical information and communicate with their healthcare provider. The clinic staff could also quickly access patient information and track their treatment progress.


Orthocomm's automated push notifications system was particularly useful for encouraging patients and reminding them of their appointments. This feature helped to reduce the number of missed appointments and improved patient outcomes.

The outcome

With Orthocomm's implementation, the dental clinic is able to strengthen the provider-patient relationship, streamline their operations, and provide better patient care. The system's ease of use and comprehensive features allow patients to take a more active role in their healthcare, leading to better outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.


MOR Software's expertise in developing Orthocomm signifies our ability to design and implement cutting-edge software solutions to meet the needs of our clients. With our tech stack and team's proficiency, we are able to develop a high-quality, user-friendly system that enhances the patient experience and clinic operations.

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