PEOPLE: From Software Development to Software Distribution

Normally, the final stage of the development service is maintenance. However, the project PEOPLE is much more complex when MOR Software's role has switched from software development to software distribution.


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MOR Software faced the challenge of scaling up the user number for the PEOPLE project, one of the largest ecosystems for human resources management in Japan. They provided innovative solutions, a dedicated team of software engineers, and new features using new technologies. The project cost $8 billion over four years, and nearly 100 developers from MOR Software were involved. As a result, MOR Software became a reliable partner and distributor of the project, with the client reporting satisfaction with their IT talents and technology solutions.

The customer

Our customer is PEOPLE - a large ecosystem for human resources management in Japan, established in October 2011. The platform focuses on managing internal operations such as evaluating staff, recruiting, making plans, managing targets, and more. Over time, more and more corporates, especially commercial banks, have come to trust PEOPLE for its efficiency and convenience.

The challenges

At the time, the project PEOPLE was receiving high demand for its system product from customers, which drew a lot of difficulties to PEOPLE. Therefore, they came to MOR Software to find solutions for these obstacles: 


  • As the number of corporates demanding for the products increased, the project faced challenges in scaling up the user number 


  • Several businesses wanted to integrate their current data with the system of PEOPLE as soon as possible


The solution

MOR Software was called upon for support as a trusted vendor. The company's talented engineers proposed innovative solutions based on their in-depth knowledge and years of experience. They not only provided a dedicated team of software engineers but also came up with the idea of developing new features and consulted on using new technologies for the PEOPLE project.


Furthermore, MOR also assembled a team of 4 outstanding engineers to swiftly and efficiently integrate the current data of PEOPLE's customers with the system of PEOPLE. 

The outcome

The project has been ongoing for four years and cost 8 billion dollars. Currently, there are nearly 100 developers from MOR Software involved in this project. While initially just an outsourcing team, MOR Software has become a reliable partner and distributor of the PEOPLE project. The company's engineers integrated customer data quickly, and they have been commended for their innovative solutions and IT talents. Finally, with their understanding of the advantages and benefits of PEOPLE, MOR Software was able to promote the platform to enter the Vietnam market.

In terms of feedback, the client reported that they have been satisfied with IT talents and technology solutions from MOR Software.

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