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MOR Software was tasked with creating a customer management application using Salesforce and Pardot platforms to create landing pages and webinars, as well as to collect customer data from forms and social networks


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We integrated Salesforce and Pardot platforms to enhance a client's sales and customer management system. To achieve this , we utilized, Apex, Sales Cloud, Pardot Platform, and UI customization tools. This resulted in easier customer management and more accurate sales forecasting, utilizing automated tools such as Engagement Studio and Automation Sync. The client was able to achieve their business goals with MOR Software's expertise and use of innovative technology.

The customer

Our esteemed customer is a media organization currently operating in Japan.

The challenges

According to our customer's demand, we are tasked to carry out: 

  • Creating a customer management app using Salesforce 
  • Utilizing Pardot to create landing pages and webinars
  • Collecting customer information from forms and social networks.


Moreover, they also wanted to streamline the management of customer contacts, business opportunities, and customer analytics for better sales forecasting reports.

The solution

To meet these requirements, MOR Software used the platform and Apex for business logic, as well as Sales Cloud and Pardot Platform. 

We also utilized Visualforce, Aura, and Lwc for UI customization. 


To facilitate GUI development and report generation, we employed Visual Force and Force migration tools.

In addition to this, automated tools such as Engagement Studio, Automation Sync with Lead, Contact, Account, Opportunity were implemented to manage customer analytics and sales forecasting.

The outcome

MOR Software's solution enabled our customer to manage their customers' data effectively and efficiently, thereby enhancing their sales forecasting and providing them with valuable insights into their customers' behavior. The integration of Salesforce and Pardot platforms, along with the implementation of automated tools, has helped our customer stay ahead of the competition and deliver exceptional service to their customers.

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