WINDOWS SCP is a mobile device management system (MDM) developed by MOR Software that offers various functions to manage and control the usage of devices remotely. It supports platforms such as Windows, iOS, and Android, and provides a comprehensive set of tools to monitor and secure the devices.


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Windows SCP is a Mobile Device Management system that provides remote device management and control for Windows, iOS, and Android devices. It offers a range of features, including remote usage status monitoring, function setting and limitation, device lock and data erasure, application distribution and management, anti-virus support, and 24/7 emergency assistance. The development process of the system utilized a tech stack including Ruby, VueJS 3, TypeScript, NodeJS, Docker, and microservices over a period of eight months.

The customer

Our customer is an IT company based in Vietnam.

The challenges

WINDOWS SCP is designed to provide remote management and control of devices. It must adheres to the following features and requirements:

  • Device Usage Status: The application ought to provide information about the device usage status, such as location and other details, which can be accessed remotely.


  • Function Setting and Limitation: The application allows administrators to set and restrict various functions on the device, such as mail, VPN, Wi-Fi, and password enforcement.


  • Device Lock/Erase Data: The application enables users to lock their device and erase data remotely to prevent it from being used by third parties.


  • Distribution and Management of Applications: The application allows administrators to install, remove, and limit applications for each department, as well as remotely deploy anti-virus scans and updates of the definition file to prevent virus infection.


  • 24/7 Emergency Support: The application provides support in case of emergencies, such as device loss.

The solution

The development of the WINDOWS SCP application took us approximately eight months with a team of five members. For this project, we utilized a tech stack that included Ruby, VueJS 3, TypeScript, NodeJS, Docker, and Microservice. These technologies allowed the team to develop a scalable and flexible application that met the requirements of the project.

The outcome

WINDOWS SCP developed by MOR Software provides a comprehensive set of tools to manage and control mobile devices remotely. The application's user-friendly interface, combined with its robust set of features, has made it a valuable tool for businesses and organizations that require mobile device management. Our team's expertise in Ruby, VueJS 3, TypeScript, NodeJS, Docker, and Microservice, allowed us to develop an application that is scalable, flexible, and up to standard.

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