• Are you lacking human resources to develop?
  • Do you want to reduce development and recruitment cost?
  • Do you have difficulty in communicating?
  • Do you want to do labo development but still worried?

At MOR, we will make proposals that meet the needs of our customers.

point .01
Comparing the market between America and Japan,

Cost is reduced in half

By developing and maintaining in Vietnam, where prices and labor costs are low, we have achieved significant cost reductions.
point .02
Using tools in order to

manage the progress carefully.

We connect with customers via communication social media like Skype, Chatwork, Slack and task management tools like Backlog, Redmine, Jira. Please contact us as we will use the tool that suits your environment.
point .03
Japanese staff will organize

Japanese classes regularly.

In order to facilitate communication with customers, we regularly organize Japanese classes regarding to business etiquettes and Japanese rules for Vietnamese developers . We also support for Japanese Language Proficiency Test and skill improvement.
point .04
Labo development and Project-based Development

are 2 models that we propose.

If you want to create an engine team, we recommend Labo development. If you want to do Labo development in the long-term plan, but suddenly feel worried, we will propose from Project-based development first.
Why Vietnam?
With a population of 96.46 million, it is increasing at a pace of 1 million a year. (The population of Japan is 126.22 million and is declining)
Young talents
The average age of nationals is 30.5 years old, and 45% of nationals are under 30 years old and a lof of young people.
Japanese language proficiency
More than 3,600 Japanese language proficiency test qualified people are born annually. Japanese language education is conducted at about 3,000 high schools nationwide.
Low cost
The price and labor costs are low, so system development costs can be remarkably reduced.
IT development policies
As a national policy, we are working on a policy to develop IT human resources, and 50,000 to 60,000 engineers are born annually.
Time difference
The time difference from Japan is minus 2 hours. (Japanese time: 10: 30-19: 30)
Project-based Development and Labo Development
Project-based Development
According to the requirements and specifications presented by the customer, we have a development system in which we complete and deliver deliverables by the deadline.

Project manager

  • Proposal
  • Specification
  • Design documents
  • Acceptance test

Project manager

  • Development
  • Report the progress
  • Deliver
We recommend this development model for the following customers:
  • Desire to request system development
  • There is a specification or design document
  • No development resources
  • Desire to reduce development cost
  • Desire to do Labo Development for a long time but still worried
Frequently requested projects
  • Application Development
  • System Development
  • Website Construction
  • Coding

List of development achievements

Labo Development
This is a development system that establishes a dedicated team to assign to your project for a certain period of time.

Project manager

  • Instruct development
  • Confirm the progress
  • Specification creation


  • Instruct development
  • Confirm the progress
  • Understand and comfirm the specification
  • Translate
  • Design

Dedicated engineer team

We recommend this development model for the following customers:
  • Desire to build a team of system engineers
  • There is always a shortage of engineer resources
  • Desire to reduce recruitment cost
  • Engineers are working with external partners
  • Partner resource acquisition is unstable
  • Desire to take time to create a dedicated team over the long term
  • Reduce development cost
We can also meet the following requirements:
  • Desire to hire Vietnamese in Japan to build a team
  • An engineer is working in Japan and cooperates with Vietnam
  • Desire to visit the website

List of development achievements

Examples of Labo Development team structure

BrSE- Resident

With our BrSE in Japan as the contact point, we will proceed with the project as a team with Vietnamese developers.

Example (Company A)

Project manager


1 person

Dedicated engineer team

10 people




  • Contract period

    BtoC application service

  • Team composition

    BrSE (Resident): 1 person

    iOS Team: 3 people

    Android Team: 3 people

    Server-side Team: 4 people

  • Contract period

    6 months ( Ongoing)


BrSE - Remote

With our Vietnamese developers in Vietnam as the contact point, we will work remotely as a team to proceed with the project.

Example (Company B)

Project manager



1 person

Dedicated engineer team

3 people

Web Developer Team

  • Development contents

    Website service

  • Team composition

    BrSE (Remote): 1 person

    Web Developer Team: 3 people

  • Contract period

    8 months (Ongoing)

Skills and development environment
Programming languages

HTML, HTML5,CSS, JavaScript (Reactjs/Vuejs/Ajax), PHP,Python,Ruby,.NET,JAVA,Golang,Node.js, Solidity(Blockchain) React native,Objective-c,Swift,Android,Kotlin,Cocox2dx,Unity

Development fields


Server: AWS (mainly), Google Cloud, other rental servers


Databases: MySQL,PostgreSQL,MongoDB

Business scopes

Requirements definition, design, implementation, unit testing,

Integration test, system test, system / site operation




Project-based Development

  • 3000 USD ~ (1 man/ month)

Labo Development

  • 2500 USD ~ (1 man / month)
  • This is the operating cost per person as a team.
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