Factors Affecting the Salary of Programmers

14 May 2024

There is a saying that "IT is King of the job market" because programmers are considered one of the industries with the most competitive salaries today. Many articles claim that programmers can earn up to 150 million VND per month, leading to questions about the accuracy of this figure. The truth is that not only is it 150 million, the number can also increase day by day. By 2030, this industry will still be experiencing a shortage of human resources. Not only that, a programmer's salary also depends on many other factors. In this article, we will examine the nature and effect of factors related to the salary of programmers.

Technological factor

In terms of global digital transformation, the highest-paying technologies in the IT market today are divided into 2 groups.

  • High-tech related to AI/ML trends (Kubernetes, TensorFlow, Python).
  • Cloud computing (AWS, GCP, Azure).

Programmer Salary by Technology

In the high-tech group, the highest-paid technology is TensorFlows, with a salary of approximately $1,732 per month. Meanwhile, in the cloud computing group, AWS holds the top position with a salary of $1,775 per month. For fundamental technologies in web development, systems, and mobile devices, Python programming language commands a high position with a salary of $1,389 per month, while C++ stands at around $1,209 per month.

Qualification factor

According to the 2021 IT market report, within the first 5 years, programmers' salaries range from about $360 to $565 per month to below $1,190 per month (Mid-Senior level). After 5 years, salaries mainly depend on the position and responsibilities. For a Director position (or higher) with a Business orientation, the salary will start at $2,300 and with a Technical orientation will have a salary beginning at $2,750.

 Programmer salary based on experience and qualifications.

Specialisation factor

The three highest-paying industries in the IT market today are Blockchain, High-tech, and Fintech (ranging from $1,000 to $3,500). Among these, High-tech (AI, ML, IoT) is the mandatory trend for the present and future. This factor brings high competitiveness, giving programmers in this field an advantage over others in the IT industry. Fintech is also crucial for businesses, especially banking systems, necessary for operation and management. Hence, programmers in this field have very high salaries but face many challenges for businesses in recruiting IT personnel.

 Programmer salary based on field factor

The highest-paying positions today require special skills such as Data Analyst, Cloud, DevOps, Machine Learning, or AI. Cloud/Cloud Service & DevOps are vital for businesses to maintain and develop during the digital transformation era. The salary for Cloud/DevOps engineers is increasing day by day (about $2,149 per month).

Programmer Salary by Job Position in the Industry

Senior positions like CTO, CIO, and Tech Management demand higher responsibilities and are becoming career goals for programmers. However, these management positions require more advanced expertise, personnel management skills, and good work performance. The most important factor is the ability to manage work remotely and ensure stability for the team.

As some factors related to programmer salaries are listed above, it is important to remember that passion for the profession is essential in order to achieve the desired salary. When you're passionate, you can efficiently complete tasks and improve your own abilities. Pursue your passion, and you will achieve deserving results. MOR Software is one of the leading technology companies with many projects in Vietnam, Japan, the US, and Canada.

Here, you can unleash your passion, creativity, and receive attractive salaries and benefits.

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