31 May 2023

Drawing from Topdev’s statistics, only approximately 30 percent of the 55,000 IT graduate students are equipped with eligible qualifications and skill sets to work in IT enterprises. Therefore, MOR Software contributed to solving the gap in high-quality human resources in the IT field.

Technological trends in the Industrial Revolution 4.0
Technological trends in the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Industry 4.0 is changing the way we design the world. It paves the way for digital transformation and the emergence of new technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), Big data, and IoT (Internet of Things), which leads to IT labor shortage. Every year, around 55,000 IT engineers graduate from IT institutions in Vietnam. However, the output quality still does not meet the business requirements. In particular, only 30% of these (approximately 16,500) fulfill employers’ expectations in terms of expertise and soft skills.

In fact that the cooperation between institutions and corporations is considered a useful way to establish well-qualified IT human resources. On the one hand, students have a chance to follow professional programs at schools. On the other hand, their practical capacity will be enhanced when they can be exposed to real projects.

MOR Software is proud to be one of the pioneers in supporting students to improve their first-hand experience. Namely, MOR Software provides internship jobs and intensive training courses to help students easily bridge the gap between theory and real-life practice. Therefore, interns at MOR Software have opportunities to learn from experienced seniors and get an additional personal income (minimum of about 4 million VND/month). In addition, to help them swiftly adapt to the business environment, they are also given talkshows as well as soft skills training such as time management, and presentation.

MOR Software managers in an event sharing interview skills with students
MOR Software managers in an event sharing interview skills with students

In parallel with training sessions, MOR Software commits to continuously sponsor the annual Job Fair programs in universities specialized in IT sectors and will co-organize career orientation seminars with various corporations such as CodeGym, HiveTech, and Cookie Hân Hoan…

Due to MOR Software’s emphasis on training and developing personnel, revenue and employee numbers keep increasing. MOR Software humbly received from VINASA in 2021 as one of the Top 10 technology startups with the most impressive growth. The company has maintained an increase of 200–300% annual revenue growth since its founding. Count to May 2022, MOR Software had has five offices with more than 350 employees, including 250 highly skilled software engineers, spread across Vietnam, Japan, and other countries.

MOR Software CEO shared with IT students
MOR Software CEO shared with IT students

MOR Software is currently cooperating with the University of Engineering and Technology – Vietnam National University to promote internship programs at the company. Besides, MOR Software is always willing to establish long-term cooperations with training centers and institutions to jointly nurture high-quality human resources for the IT industry.

MOR Software companioned with the Job Fair at VNU University of Engineering and Technology
MOR Software companioned with the Job Fair at VNU University of Engineering and Technology to promote high-quality IT human resources

Thanks to its great effort in human resources development, MOR Software has brought international quality standard services to fulfill customers’ satisfaction.

This is the third consecutive year that MOR Software was honored with the Sao Khue Award – one of the most prestigious awards in the Vietnam IT industry. To be nominated for the Sao Khue award, businesses need to go through 3 rounds of evaluation by a board of judges including more than 40 leading experts through many rigorous criteria such as Uniqueness, Capability to meet the market demand, Technology, Product quality,…


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