Unlocking Excellence: MOR Software Has Become ISTQB Platinum Partner

02 Feb 2024

On September 20th 2022, in a remarkable feat, MOR Software proudly attains the esteemed status of ISTQB Platinum Partner, the pinnacle of partnership levels at the national tier of ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board). This achievement stands testament to the exemplary capabilities exhibited by MOR Software's dedicated testing team. 



Rigorous assessments, high-level performance, and the accumulation of points from certifications have propelled MOR Software into the prestigious league of ISTQB Platinum partners. This recognition underscores MOR Software's commitment to meeting exacting standards, ensuring top-tier testing quality, and instilling unparalleled satisfaction and trust in its clientele.


About ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board)

ISTQB, or the International Software Testing Qualifications Board, is a globally recognized organization dedicated to standardizing and advancing the field of software testing. Founded in 2002, ISTQB operates as a non-profit association, bringing together software testing professionals, experts, and organizations to establish a common understanding of best practices and techniques in software testing.


ISTQB -  International Software Testing Qualifications Board


The primary mission of ISTQB is to define and maintain a universal body of knowledge for software testing. This involves creating a set of syllabi, exams, and guidelines that establish a baseline for professionals seeking certification in various levels of software testing expertise.


Nurturing ISTQB Tester team at MOR Software

The testing team at MOR engages in continuous learning to validate their expertise and successfully acquire ISTQB certifications. In addition to participating in external courses, the team regularly organizes dynamic, in-house group study sessions. These sessions serve as lively forums for knowledge exchange and advanced testing practices. The study period for ISTQB Foundation spans approximately 2-3 months, with an additional 1-2 weeks dedicated to exam preparation. ISTQB Advanced involves an intensive study duration of around 3.5 months, followed by 2-4 weeks of focused exam preparation. 


Portrait of MOR Software’s Testing Team


Throughout the preparation phase, team members not only tackle center-based practice tests but also proactively seek supplementary study materials. Those who have previously taken the exams generously share insights and experiences to ensure the team is well-prepared for ISTQB certification.


Triumphant Outcomes: MOR Software As an ISTQB Platinum Partner

Despite encountering challenges during training and exam preparation, MOR's testing team has emerged triumphant in exams, achieving stellar scores. The team has admirably secured 7 Foundation Level Certifications in Software Tester and an impressive 10 Advanced Level certifications across modules such as Test Analyst, Technical Test Analyst, and Test Manager. 


MOR Software has officially become the ISTQB Platinum Partner


This remarkable achievement translates to 37 points, surpassing the requisite 30 points for ISTQB Platinum. Beyond the tangible certifications, the team's concerted efforts serve as a motivational force, propelling individual development, knowledge enhancement, and an overall improvement in capabilities.


Advantages of Becoming ISTQB Platinum Partner

Being an ISTQB Platinum Partner offers numerous advantages to MOR Software:

  • Global Recognition: Attaining Platinum Partner status elevates MOR Software's standing in the global testing community, showcasing its commitment to excellence and adherence to international testing standards.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Platinum Partnership provides opportunities for enhanced collaboration with ISTQB. MOR Software gains access to a network of testing professionals, sharing insights, and staying abreast of the latest trends and advancements in software testing.
  • Client Confidence: The Platinum Partner status instills confidence in MOR Software's clients, assuring them of the highest quality testing practices and a team of experts dedicated to delivering excellence.
  • Priority Access: MOR Software gains priority access to ISTQB resources, including training materials, events, and exclusive webinars, further enhancing the team's skills and knowledge.
  • Competitive Edge: The Platinum Partnership sets MOR Software apart in the competitive landscape, positioning it as a leader in software testing services.
  • Business Opportunities: ISTQB Platinum Partnership opens doors to potential business opportunities, attracting clients seeking testing services from a distinguished and reliable partner.


Promise of an ISTQB Platinum Partner

As an ISTQB Platinum Partner, MOR Software commits to being an invaluable asset to the community by upholding the highest standards of software testing excellence. We pledge to share our extensive knowledge and expertise through various initiatives such as workshops, seminars, and collaborative forums. Our goal is to actively contribute to the growth and development of the testing community, fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation. 


The Ladies of MOR Software’s Testing team are keeping up the culture of continuous learning and innovation


By leveraging our ISTQB Platinum Partner status, we aim to inspire and mentor aspiring professionals, providing them with the necessary guidance and resources to excel in the field of software testing. MOR Software is dedicated to promoting best practices, advancing the quality of testing methodologies, and creating a positive impact on the broader community.


In Conclusion

MOR Software takes pride not only in its operational capabilities but also in its highly effective training initiatives, extending beyond ISTQB certification. This prestigious Platinum Partner status marks a significant milestone in MOR Software's journey, bringing forth a host of benefits that amplify its commitment to excellence in software testing. 


The company consistently opens its doors to interns across various roles, providing a platform for young talents to learn and contribute. This opportunity allows them to gain practical experience and potentially pursue relevant certifications post their tenure at MOR. MOR Software enthusiastically welcomes connections with young individuals driven by a passion for the information technology industry. 



For further insights into career opportunities at MOR Software and to explore the company's commendable development achievements, visit our About us and delve into MOR Software's success story.


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