17 May 2024

On April 13th, the esteemed Sao Khue 2024 Awards ceremony unfolded with notable splendor, orchestrated by the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA). This year marked a significant milestone for MOR Software as we continue to achieve the Sao Khue Award for the fifth consecutive year, a testament to their enduring excellence and innovation in the IT industry.

MOR Software, a leading company in Vietnam’s IT sector, has consistently showcased its prowess in software outsourcing. However, this year, with outstanding Salesforce consulting services, MOR Software has extended its acclaim to include the “Sales Management” category, earning recognition from IT experts. This diversification not only highlights MOR Software's adaptability but also underscores our expanding influence in complex IT service sectors, which strongly our position as one of the best Software Outsourcing Companies in Vietnam

Mrs. Tran Thi Hong Nhung - COO of MOR Software received Sao Khue Award for excellent Sales Management

The Sao Khue Awards, organized annually by VINASA, are designed to honor the most outstanding products and services within the software and IT realms in Vietnam. The awards aim to recognize entities that demonstrate exceptional quality and effectiveness, and which have earned the trust and preference of the market. Over the years, these awards have become a benchmark of success and a beacon of excellence for the Vietnamese IT industry.

Sao Khue 2024 gathered many big names and potential companies in Vietnam's IT industry

MOR Software’s continued success at the Sao Khue Awards is not just a personal triumph but a moment of national pride. It brings to light the company's unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. The recognition in the "Software Outsourcing Services" category for five consecutive years firmly positions MOR Software at the pinnacle of Vietnam's software export businesses.

Mr. Le Manh Hung - CTO of MOR Software received Sao Khue Award for excellent Software Export Services for the fifth consecutive year

Such remarkable accomplishments stem from the collective effort and dedication of every member at MOR Software. The company's ethos of continual improvement and customer-centric strategies have been pivotal in fostering robust relationships with partners and clients alike. This collaborative spirit is crucial, as it not only enhances service delivery but also solidifies client trust and satisfaction.

MOR Software team at the Award ceremony

Looking forward, we are poised to build on our achievements. With the vision of "Taking Vietnamese technology to the World," MOR Software is dedicated to leveraging its proven strengths and exploring new technological frontiers. This ambition is not just about expanding our market reach but also about showcasing the potential and capabilities of Vietnamese technology on a global stage.

MOR Software’s Board of Directors

With a clear vision and a committed team, MOR Software is well on its path to achieving greater heights and contributing significantly to the IT sector, both domestically and internationally.

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