28 Apr 2023

To standardize processes and ensure service quality meets the international standard, MOR Software has applied the ISO 9001:2015 Standard to the quality management system. The ISO International Standardization Committee issued the ISO 9001 standard. It is intended to help organizations apply, operate, and develop an effective quality management system. ISO 9001 provides principles, frameworks, and requirements to establish a quality management system for corporate operations. All types of businesses, regardless of size, business model or type of production, or service, can apply ISO 9001. This standard is generally applied to all member countries of the ISO community to create consistent international standards worldwide. In other words, if a company meets ISO 9001, it can be said that the process and service have reached international standards.


apply ISO 9001:2015
Apply ISO 9001:2015 in quality management system


To internationalize and homogenize the quality of services, MOR Software has applied ISO 9001: 2015. Within just 1 year of changing processes and services, MOR Software has excellently passed the rigorous evaluation rounds and was certified ISO9001:2015. That is contributed by the effort of MOR’s personnel under leading of the Board of Directors. 


Representative of ISO community visited and checked requirements of ISO9001:2015
A Representative of the ISO community visited and checked the requirements of ISO9001:2015


MOR Software certification - ISO 9001:2015
MOR Software certification – ISO 9001:2015


Based on ISO 9001 standard, MOR Software has standardized and accomplished individual tasks into a unified process. Simultaneously, BOD also issued internal policies and regulations so that employees can easily collaborate in progress and work consistently. By approaching the general process, MOR’s managers easily find areas to improve in both performance and cost. Therefore, making adjustments as soon as possible.


Training ISO 9001:2015 for MOR personnel
Training ISO 9001:2015 for MOR personnel


At the same time, departments earnestly implement the PDCA cycle: Plan – Do – Check – Action. The PDCA cycle helps the company to ensure that resources are adequately allocated. Consequently, the implementation process is tightly controlled, and that improvement is made continuously.


Internal training ISO9001:2015
Internal training ISO9001:2015


One of the other quality management principles of ISO 9001 is risk-based thinking. On the one hand, this mindset helps identify confounding factors, which are considered as factors that cause an organization’s management systems and processes to deviate from planned results. On the other hand, risk analysis also helps to devise preventive controls to minimize negative impacts and optimize opportunities. Because of risk analysis, decisions are based on data and logic instead of emotional thinking. Thus, improving the accuracy of decision-making. It can be said that ISO 9001:2015 is convincing proof of the service quality of MOR Software, especially to customers and international partners. MOR Software is proud to have consulted and transferred many projects meeting ISO 9001 standards, satisfying customers’ needs. Besides ISO 9001:2015 certification, MOR Software has achieved other prestigious awards such as:


  • Sao Khue Award, regarding the “Software Outsourcing” category for 3 consecutive years 2020, 2021, and 2022.
  • Top 10 Information Technology Enterprises (Top 10 ICT) with impressive growth.
  • ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Certification.
  • Salesforce Global Partner Certificate
  • ISTQB Platinum Partner


MOR Software received Sao Khue award
MOR Software received Sao Khue award


MOR Software is continuously improving and accomplishing services to bring the best solutions to customers, with the mission of “Bringing Vietnamese products to the world.” If you are looking for technology solutions to upgrade the management system, don’t hesitate to get in touch with MOR Software via email at for advice and support. View more services of MOR Software    

"MOR Software becomes great not only because of the achievements and scale we have reached, but the best thing we have is our colleagues, the employees who have built a solid foundation for this company along with me."

Vu Van Tu


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