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Offshore Development

Reduction of Development Cost
Reduction of HR Cost
Offshore Development

Save 2/3 Cost

To Develop Your System With
Offshore Development

(Compare in Japan and US Market)

System Development Proposal
  • Software design specification
  • System design document
  • Solve development resource problems
  • Save the development budget
  • Be a project savior when the delivery time is coming
  • No more anxiety on long-term plan of Lab Development
Frequently asked projects

App Development

System development

Build a Website Production


Engineering Team Distribution
  • When there is a shortage of engineer resources
  • Reduce the recruitment cost
  • The collaboration between engineers and external partners
  • No worries in unstable partnership resourcing allocation
  • Need to build a dedicated team in long-term
  • Want to save the development cost
Correspond with specific request (Inspection assistance)

I want to build a team by employing Vietnamese in Japan.

Let one engineer stay in Japan and cooperates with the team in Vietnam

Pricing Estimation

Possibly reduce the fee which less than one third when compared to the conventional cost

There is no problem for us to communicate with our clients in either English or Japanese.

System development: ~500$

Website Production´╝Ü~500$ / Front-end coding: ~100$

App Development: ~500$

Lab Development: 1 person ~2,500$/month

Lab Type Offshore Development

This is a model in which a project manager is selected at our company or yours. The team is Vietnamese staff in Vietnam. The Project Manager and Vietnam Lab Supervisor will work together to proceed with the project.

Typical requests in Lab Development[Scenario]

We want to build a team of dedicated engineers (short and long term)


Lack of engineer resources


We want to reduce recruiting time and cost.


Engineers are working with external partners in Japan, want to reduce costs


No worries in unstable partnership resourcing allocation


Want to save the development cost

Pricing Estimation

1 person 2,500$/month

Part of our clients

Why is development in Vietnam popular now?

More than 3,600 people qualify the Japanese Language Proficiency Test annually. In addition, Japanese language education is conducted at 3,000 high schools across the country.

Assume that Japan is 100%. Average wages are 43% for China, 40% for India, 34% for the Philippines, 18% for Vietnam (according to JETRO 2014).

High-tech - diligence IT nation. IT human resource development policy is a national policy in Vietnam. Currently, an education program has been set up to increase from 200,000 engineers to one million by 2020.

The population is 94 million people. The average age (2019) of the population is 32.6 (Japan: 48.9, China: 38.7). There are only 2 hours behind of JST. Real-time working is possible. An attractive country with many young people.


Main specifications:

Blockchain, Back-end, Front-end

Key features:

A cryptocurrency trading web app, that is in charge of undertaking and developing ICO system development, based on smart contracts (Ethereum).

Scope of work:

- Blockchain, Back-end, Front-end
- Programming language: PHP Laravel / Smart Contract / Solidity
- Collaboration model: Offshore Development Center
- Team structure: 7 members

Development time:

8 months