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07 May 2024

Choosing the right outsourced development team is crucial for the success of your software projects. At MOR Software, we understand the stakes. Our dedicated professionals are committed to delivering innovative solutions that drive business growth. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of hiring the best outsourced development team, ensuring you benefit from top-tier talent, seamless integration, and optimal outcomes. 

When Do You Need An Outsourced Development Team?

Deciding when to engage an outsourced development team can be pivotal for companies aiming to stay agile and competitive in today’s fast-paced market. Here’s a breakdown of critical scenarios where outsourcing can be beneficial and necessary for the development of businesses.

When to Hire An Outsourced Development Team
When Do You Need An Outsourced Development Team?

Lack of In-House Expertise

When your current project demands specific skills that your in-house team lacks, it’s time to consider an outsourced software development team

For example, if your product requires advanced AI capabilities and your existing developers are not versed in the latest AI frameworks, hiring an outsourced team can fill this gap efficiently without the long-term commitment of hiring new staff.

Cost-Cutting Measures

Outsourcing can significantly reduce costs compared to expanding your in-house team, especially when it comes to the need for specialized knowledge that would otherwise require expensive training or hiring. 

An outsourced dedicated software development team not only cuts down on operational costs like salaries, benefits, and workspace but also minimizes the investment in recruitment and training processes.

Meeting Urgent Deadlines

When projects have tight deadlines, the speed of scaling your team becomes crucial. Outsourcing enables quick mobilization of resources that an internal team might take weeks or months to assemble. 

For instance, if a software release deadline is looming and your current team is unable to meet the timeline due to workload or capability constraints, an outsourced software development team can provide the necessary support to ensure you meet your targets without compromising quality.

Not Keeping Up with Latest Technologies

Technology evolves rapidly, and keeping up can be both time-consuming and expensive. If your business needs to implement new software technologies to stay competitive—such as blockchain or Internet of Things (IoT)—but lacks the expertise, outsourcing provides access to professionals who work with these technologies daily. This not only brings innovation into your projects faster but also provides a learning opportunity for your in-house team.

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Rapidly Scaling Business

For startups and fast-growing companies, scalability is often a challenge when relying solely on in-house resources. As business needs fluctuate, having the flexibility to scale your team up or down is a significant advantage offered by outsourcing. Whether it’s entering new markets, requiring more developers to handle increased workload, or reducing team size after a project’s completion, outsourcing dedicated software development team offer the agility your business needs to adapt quickly and efficiently.

Outsourcing isn’t just a temporary fix; it can be a strategic part of your business model if any of these scenarios apply to you. By partnering with a reliable outsourced team like MOR Software, you can enhance your capabilities, reduce costs, and accelerate your time-to-market with confidence.

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3 Types of Outsourced Development Teams

When considering expanding your software development capabilities, understanding the different types of outsourced development teams can help you make an informed decision that aligns with your project requirements and business goals. Here’s a look at three software development outsourcing models: Integrated teams, Dedicated teams, and Fixed-price outcome-based teams.

Types of Outsourced Development Teams
3 Types of Outsourced Development Teams

Integrated Teams

Integrated teams are blended with your in-house staff to work collaboratively on projects. This model is beneficial for projects that require a high degree of integration between existing and new systems. 

For example, a company looking to integrate advanced AI into their existing digital infrastructure might employ an integrated team to work closely with their in-house developers to ensure seamless implementation.

Dedicated Teams

dedicated team model provides businesses with a team of professionals who work exclusively on their projects. This setup is ideal for long-term projects with a broad scope that requires consistent attention. 

An example is a tech startup needing to build a comprehensive ecommerce platform from scratch, relying on a dedicated team to see the project through from conception to launch and ongoing maintenance.

Fixed-Price Outcome-Based Teams

In a fixed-price outcome-based model, the outsourcing provider completes specific projects for a set price agreed upon in advance. 

This model is suitable for projects with well-defined scopes and deliverables. It's often chosen by companies looking to develop a new mobile application where the requirements and deadlines are clear from the start.

Comparison of Outsourced Development Teams


Integrated Teams

Dedicated Teams

Fixed-Price Outcome-Based Teams


Medium control; integrates with in-house teams.

High control; team works solely on your projects.

High control over budget but lower control over modifications of projects


High; can shift as internal needs change.

Medium; flexibility within the scope of the team.

Low; changes can incur additional costs.


High; constant interaction with in-house staff.

Dynamic; regular updates and dedicated support.

Medium; structured around milestones and deliverables.

Cost Structure

Variable; depends on integration extent.

Monthly cost rate based on team size.

Fixed; agreed at the start, regardless of duration.

Project Complexity

Suitable for complex projects needing integration.

Best for large, ongoing project where requirements might change

Ideal for smaller, well-defined projects.

Risk Distribution

Shared between the company and the outsourcer.Mostly borne by the client managing the team.Borne by the service provider, who guarantees delivery.

Choosing the right outsourced development team type depends on your project’s specifics, such as duration, complexity, budget, and the level of integration with current operations. Each model offers distinct advantages and may suit different strategic needs. Whether enhancing your in-house capabilities with integrated expertise, leveraging the focus of dedicated professionals, or controlling costs with a fixed-price arrangement, understanding these options will guide you to the optimal outsourcing strategy.

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How to Assess an Outsourced Software Team?

When looking to outsource dedicated software development team, assessing their capabilities and fit for your project is crucial. The evaluation process will help you determine whether the team can meet your expectations and contribute to your project's success. Here’s how you can thoroughly assess an outsourced software team.

Assess an Outsourced Software Team
How to Assess an Outsourced Software Team?

Check their Past Work and Portfolio

Start by reviewing the team's past projects and portfolio. This will give you insight into the quality of work and the types of projects they have handled. 

For instance, if you need a mobile app developed, look for an outsourced development team that has extensive experience in mobile platforms and can show successful apps they've built. A robust portfolio not only demonstrates their experience but also their ability to deliver finished products.

Check their References and Contact Previous Clients

References are invaluable for understanding how the team has performed in real-world scenarios. Ask for references or case studies, and don’t hesitate to contact previous clients. 

This step will help you gauge the team’s reliability, adherence to deadlines, and ability to maintain budget constraints. Previous clients can provide insights into the team's communication skills and project handling capabilities.

Evaluate their Technical Expertise and Skills

Technical evaluation is critical. Determine if the team has the necessary technical expertise that aligns with your project requirements. For complex software solutions, ensure that the outsourced software development team is proficient in relevant programming languages and frameworks. Consider conducting technical interviews or asking them to complete a small test project to evaluate their skills and problem-solving abilities.

Share your Product Vision

It’s essential that the team understands and aligns with your product vision. During your interactions, share your expectations, goals, and the purpose of the product. 

A competent outsource software team will be eager to understand your vision and demonstrate how they can contribute to achieving your business objectives. Their feedback and suggestions can also provide you with insights into their depth of understanding and commitment to your project.

Project Management and Methodologies

Understanding how the team manages projects is crucial. Inquire about their project management tools and methodologies. For instance, teams that use agile methodologies can adapt quickly to changes and typically have regular sprints that allow you to review progress frequently. Effective project management ensures that the project stays on track and within budget.

Consider their Performance Tracking Approach

Lastly, assess how the team tracks and measures performance. An effective outsourced development team will have robust mechanisms in place to monitor progress and address issues promptly. They should be able to provide regular updates and performance reports that allow you to see what’s being accomplished. This transparency is vital for maintaining control over the project and ensuring that milestones are met.

By thoroughly evaluating each of these aspects, you can ensure that the outsourced development team you choose is well-suited to meet your project needs and can deliver high-quality software that aligns with your goals. 

Case Studies

When considering the benefits of partnering with an outsourced development team, real-world success stories can provide the reassurance businesses need to make informed decisions. MOR Software has demonstrated excellence in facilitating effective software development outsourcing. Here are a few case studies that highlight the impact of choosing MOR Software’s outsourced development teams.

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KCON app
Interface of KCON App

KCON is a dynamic mobile application crafted to enhance the experience of attendees at the KCON cultural event series, which sees participation from around 100,000 enthusiasts

Our customer is a Media company based in South Korea that is working under the management of CJ Group, a South Korean international conglomerate holding company. The customer wanted MOR Software to design a mobile application for KCON to facilitate easy navigation within the event through features like interactive maps, booth locators, activity schedules, and digital check-ins throughout the event. 

This project aimed to handle massive user traffic and provide a seamless user experience across various functionalities.

Customer’s Decision to Outsource to MOR Software

The decision to outsource the development of the KCON app to MOR Software was driven by MOR's proven expertise in handling large-scale projects requiring robust infrastructure and high-performance applications. The customer needed a reliable outsourced development team that could not only deliver technical excellence but also align with the event’s dynamic requirements and tight deadlines.

Successful Outcome

The deployment of the KCON app was a resounding success. The robust AWS infrastructure efficiently handled the influx of 100,000 users, maintaining high performance and reliability throughout the event. The Android and iOS applications delivered a stellar user experience, with features functioning seamlessly even in areas with limited network coverage. The comprehensive CMS platform enabled the event organizers to smoothly manage the event flow, leading to enhanced participant satisfaction and operational efficiency. 

This project not only solidified MOR Software’s reputation as a top-tier outsourced development team but also exemplified how outsourcing software development can lead to superior technological solutions and business success.

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NovaLearn Website
Interface of NovaLearn Website

NovaLearn is an innovative e-learning platform developed for K-12 students in Hong Kong, designed to provide a safe and interactive online learning environment. 

This platform differentiates itself by integrating gamification with video-based resources, aiming to make the educational process both engaging and informative for young learners. The project's focus is on creating an intuitive user experience that captivates students and enhances their learning journey through interactive elements and rewards.

Customer’s Decision to Outsource to MOR Software

The decision to outsource the development of NovaLearn to MOR Software was based on MOR’s extensive experience and proven track record in delivering high-quality educational platforms. The customer required a reliable outsourced development team that could bring innovative educational concepts to life, leveraging the latest technologies and educational trends. MOR Software’s expertise in UI/UX design and their ability to implement advanced gamification features made them the ideal partner for this ambitious project.

Successful Outcome

The development of NovaLearn has been progressing successfully, with several phases of the platform already launched and actively used by students in Hong Kong. The gamification elements have been particularly well-received, significantly increasing student participation and time spent on the platform. Continuous enhancements and features are being added, with MOR Software’s outsourced development team closely collaborating with the client to adapt to feedback and new educational challenges. 

The ongoing success of NovaLearn stands as a testament to the effectiveness of outsourcing complex software projects to specialized teams like MOR Software, who bring not just technical expertise but also a deep understanding of user engagement strategies in educational environments.

Take your business to the next level with MOR Software’s outsourced development teams!

Selecting the right outsourced development team is crucial for achieving your project goals, and MOR Software stands out as a premier choice. With industry-wide experts and cutting edge tech foundation, MOR Software provide exclusively tailored services to meet your specific needs, ensuring your project's success. 

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