Outsourcing Programming Services: A Wise Strategy For Business Growth

28 Apr 2023

Outsourcing programming services can be a game-changer for businesses looking to enhance their software development capabilities while managing costs and optimizing resource allocation.

What Are Outsourcing Programming Services?

The process of delegating programming activities to independent software or app development vendors, such as IT outsourcing organizations or offshore development companies, is called programming outsourcing. When it comes to programming, the term “outsourcing” almost generally refers to the involvement of a third party. Businesses would often outsource a service to a third party to cut expenses, save time, and free up more resources for the research and development of their product. Simply put, outsourcing programming services is the process of delegating or transferring control of programming-related work to an external service provider that specializes in this sector and has the capabilities to manage the technical and operational aspects of a programming project.


outsourcing programming services
Outsourcing programming services is a successful method for many businesses


A shortage of resources, a cost-reduction plan, the requirement for consulting experience, operational efficiency, and other factors are among the most typical causes of outsourcing programming. Programming-specific information technology has witnessed an explosion of service providers that have identified the most frequent outsourcing drivers and offer specialist resources and models to assist businesses in accomplishing specified tasks with minimal effort and risk. 

Outsourcing programming services is a successful method for many businesses seeking an efficient, cost-effective solution to programming tasks. This is a great strategy that can result in excellent consequences for your business when handled appropriately and with the assistance of the right partner.

Key Benefits Of Outsourcing Programming Services


Programming should be outsourced to an external service provider as often as possible because doing so results in lower costs. For instance, you have access to a large talent pool when you use MOR Software, and the available engagement models vary depending on the client’s financial situation. MOR Software takes on the responsibility of business processes along with the infrastructure needs, which results in a significant reduction in the investment required in these areas. This is another crucial aspect of cost savings associated with programming outsourcing, and it refers to the savings made on infrastructure and technology.

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Cost-Savings is the best outside supplier in the market
Businesses can save costs thanks to outsourcing


When clients use the programming outsourcing services offered by Svitla Systems, they hire the exact amount of pieces and resources necessary for the project. In addition, customers can add new requirements and evolving requests to the team of programmers, who are quick to respond and always prepared to address any modifications that may crop up along the way.


Customers can add new requirements and evolving requests to the team of programmers

Experience and expertise

When you choose outsourcing programming services from MOR Software, you get immediate access to highly skilled resources without going through the time-consuming process of recruiting and training new employees. We take on the responsibility of screening and hiring suitable employees to provide our clients with immediate access to a pool of professional programmers who are well-versed in their respective fields.


Experience and expertise
MOR’s staff are skilled and experienced IT experts


If you want to get forward as a company, you need to keep costs down and efficiency high. In-house development teams bring a significant financial burden to a firm, which must be managed. It would be best if you were responsible for the monthly payroll and the management of the app development process. By relying on outside help, your firm can avoid internal restrictions that would otherwise slow it down. When you outsource app development to remote workers, you will not have to pay them a salary even when they are not working on your project. 

According to the time and materials framework, this is correct. The developer you hire to do the work for you will only charge you for the time spent on the project and any other direct expenses. The size of the outsourced workforce can be increased as needed. Later, if you realize that you need to hire a new UI/UX designer to make changes to the app, you can donate the same holds if you need to lay off some programmers now that the app is done.


Outsourcing can save your company time
Outsourcing can save your company time due to internal constraints

Get Access to the Unlimited Talent Pool

The need for talented people worldwide has never been higher than it is right now. When business owners want to enhance their companies and get closer to their hiring and retention goals, they do not hesitate to outsource programming on purpose. This helps them improve their companies and get closer to their goals. Instead of relying on limited internal resources and standard technology, outsourcing programming services with the right talents for specialized jobs can infuse current projects with new perspectives and provide critical benefits for development and business improvements.


Instead of internal evaluation, businesses can outsource suitable for the project
Instead of internal evaluation, businesses can outsource suitable for the project

Tech Tasks That Outsourcing Programming Services Can Provide

Even though it is referred to as “programming outsourcing,” other tasks are involved in constructing an app that can be outsourced. Some tasks on the list are user research, feasibility studies, UI/UX design, backend development, agile DevOps services, software quality assurance and testing, and post-deployment support.

7 Steps To Outsourcing Programming Services

All signs point to a favorable conclusion regarding the advantages of outsourcing programming tasks to foreign-based experts. The question that must be answered is how to choose a suitable candidate. This article will explain the procedure in detail.

Step 1: Identify Your Organization’s Particular Requirements

You need to figure out what kinds of services you require at this level in the development of your startup. If you are conducting market research, you will need assistance in determining whether or not your idea can be executed, and the best way to do this is to create a prototype. For new businesses that already have a product on the market, receiving support and improving that product is essential to keep the product competitive and up to date.


 Identify Your Organization’s Particular Requirements
Businesses need to figure out what kinds of services it requires

The kind of expertise and the model of collaboration may be different from one another, depending on the requirements of your company. Making a list of the needs might also assist you in estimating the cost of the necessary funding to outsource the services.

Step 2: Identify The Employment Model

When you have a crystal clear vision of the kind of outsourced services required, the next step is to determine the kind of collaboration model most comfortable for you. Using a fixed price basis for a predetermined amount of time is the most effective approach when you have a detailed specification of the work that needs to be done.


Identify The Employment Model
You can determine the kind of collaboration model most comfortable for you

On the other hand, if there is no clear concept of what you are trying to create, you will want to keep your options open and use the time and materials model. You will have the freedom to make adjustments as you see fit as the company expands, thanks to this flexibility. In the meantime, employing a specialized team guarantees you will receive the developers’ full and undivided attention. This strategy has higher costs and is best suited for new businesses with significant financial backing.

Step 3: Select The Country You Will Outsource To

Your decision of where to outsource will significantly influence the quality of the outputs, the level of productivity, and the ease of communication; if you did not decide based solely on price, it could be inefficient to work with engineers who cannot communicate in your native tongue. When it comes to outsourcing programming services, Western companies frequently choose Vietnam as their destination of choice. Not only does Vietnam provide a sizable pool of highly skilled individuals in the field of technology, but it also has a similar culture in the workplace.


Select The Country
Western companies frequently choose Vietnam as their destination of choice

Step 4: Checking Other B2B Platforms

It would be the best if you researched to locate possible remote developers with whom you may collaborate. You can achieve this by going to technology blogs published by remote development organizations or researching various IT outsourcing programming services companies on review websites.

Step 5: Verifying the Expertise 

Be diligent in handpicking developers. You should put only a little stock in what real estate development companies say on the surface. Instead, you should thoroughly investigate previous projects, client comments, abilities, areas of expertise, and services offered by the various companies. Check that the agencies have the necessary expertise and a proven track record in managing essential information technology services.


Verifying the Expertise
You should thoroughly investigate the outsourcing unit before hiring them

Step 6: Make and Receive Calls

It would be best if you were picky about whom you select because outsourcing your programming will likely be time-consuming in the future. Make phone calls and conduct interviews with the candidates that were shortlisted. You will get the opportunity to get to know the team you will be working with on a deeper level and get a sense of the level of professionalism maintained by the various agencies. To learn how a reliable company that provides outsourcing programming services will carry out the activities you have delegated to them, you should ask questions. This will provide insights into the tactics, protocols, and best practices.


Make and Receive Calls
Make phone calls and conduct interviews with the candidates before hiring them

Step 7: Employing A Reliable Company That Provides Top-Notch Outsourcing Programming Services 

When you have reached the point when you are content with a particular prospect, you are prepared to make the hire officially. Determine the parameters of the working relationship on the contract and check that both sides are on board with the terms. Make sure that the duration of the project, the requirements of the project, the working models, and the payment terms are all clearly outlined. Then, proceed with the hiring.


Make sure that both sides are on board with the terms in contract before hiring
Make sure that both sides are on board with the terms in the contract before hiring

Why Is MOR Software Known For Having The Best Outsourcing Programming Services?

The steps on how to hire a programmer on your own can take time and effort. As stated before, we highly recommend trusting an expert partner with years of experience and the know-how to hire the best programmers for your project. With MOR Software, your business will gain a partner who truly cares about relieving you from finding programmers on your own. Because of this, we offer a complete portfolio of talented programmers ready to start working on a project and the right fit for specific business and technical requirements. 

Given the importance that programming holds in any software development project, we recommend MOR Software as your trusted partner and ally in this task.

Why? We offer top-quality results achieved by the best programmers who are experienced in a wide range of programming skills that are bound to be suitable for your project. We accommodate all project types and sizes to be flexible for your business needs, with a responsive approach to changes. 

At MOR Software, we harness the best programmers and IT talent for your software projects, and we deliver results through our different engagement models that welcome project diversity. This upcoming section details the different engagement models MOR Software offers its clients.


MOR Software Known For Having The Best Outsourcing Programming Services
At MOR Software, we harness the best programmers and IT talent for your software projects

Engagement models

At MOR Software, we have over seven years of experience providing comprehensive engagement models that solve different business needs in software outsourcing. The core of these engagement models lies in the comprehensive description of work that serves clients’ needs to transform them into a successful reality.

Managed Team Extension

This engagement model is designed entirely to have programmers and other IT-related professionals become an extension of your team. As we have been emphasizing, geographic location is losing its meaning, but that does not mean you should compromise the vital aspect of having a team of software professionals dedicated to your project become an integral part of your team to assist you during the entire length of a project. Each member of the Managed Team Extension model is carefully selected to provide you with a seamless experience in terms of culture, background, and technical skills for the project.

Software Consulting

MOR Software devised the software consulting engagement model to assist companies who look for expertise that requires detailed or specific knowledge about specialized software solutions. The software consulting model is best suited for scenarios where companies:

  • Need help during a one-time project.
  • Require external advice and recommendations about specific software subjects.
  • Need a trusted partner to recommend solutions to specific technological needs.

As proven, MOR Software is fully committed and dedicated to providing best-in-class engagement models to outsource programming and other IT-related tasks for all client needs. Our goal is to provide the highest value to our clients through a portfolio of outsourcing offerings. This post has shed light on how valuable outsourcing programming services are for your business and how MOR Software can provide the best!

Were you persuaded? While outsourcing your company’s code can be great for many businesses, it is not always the best choice. Asking yourself the following can help you decide if outsourcing programming services are suitable for your company. The ability to focus on other elements of your organization is a significant benefit of outsourcing programming. 

Your business can get the most out of your outsourcing experience by being prepared and asking the correct questions about your chosen agency. Outsourcing your company’s IT functions can be a terrific method to boost efficiency if done correctly. Contact MOR Software today for a free consultation on how outsourcing programming services might help your company succeed.

"MOR Software becomes great not only because of the achievements and scale we have reached, but the best thing we have is our colleagues, the employees who have built a solid foundation for this company along with me."

Vu Van Tu


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