Top Enterprises Using Python for Programming

14 May 2024

Nowadays there are countless programming languages used to develop applications, each with different specific features. One of the most popular languages is Python. This language was created by Guido Van Rossum in 1991, Python was quickly used by many programmers to develop software. This is one of the few languages that is relevant today and has high potential in the future. Many multinational companies have used it to develop their applications.
In this article, let's explore the top software development companies in Vietnam that use Python.

FPT Software

Established in 1999 as a subsidiary of the FPT Corporation, FPT Software is a leading provider of software services and solutions to international clients, with over 20,000 employees across 27 countries. For several years, FPT Software has been recognized as a top employer and is known for having one of the best working environments in Asia. FPT Software uses Python in numerous projects and offers competitive salaries to attract talented programmers. However, the project costs at FPT Software are considered high compared to the market average, prompting businesses to weigh their options carefully.

MOR Software

MOR Software is a leading software development company in Vietnam, always ready to provide optimal solutions to its customers. Despite some limitations in foreign language skills among programmers, MOR Software has a high-quality IT Comtor team with capable personnel, ensuring excellent project completion and high customer satisfaction. MOR Software has achieved the Sao Khue Award for three consecutive years in the field of software production services. Additionally, MOR has received international standard certifications for Quality Management ISO 9001:2015 and Information Security ISO 27001:2013.
Some highly-rated projects of MOR using Python language include:
1. AI-powered face recognition check-in system: This system is used in hotels/homestays to transform traditional processes, services, and infrastructure to an online platform using advanced AI technology. Hotel Gotcha utilizes AI, Blockchain, and IoT to read, manage, and analyze customer data, optimizing the required number of hotel staff and enhancing customer experience.
2. Flight ticket booking system: A web-based service allowing users to check seat availability and book flights online.
3. Automated construction quality inspection: Verifies the ratio between horizontal and vertical bars using image processing and AI.
4. Healthcare application: Through answering some questions, the application can assess and analyze users' health status and provide advice for improvement. MOR Software has integrated a program based on appropriate research to accurately rank users' health status.
These projects demonstrate MOR Software's expertise in utilizing Python for various innovative solutions across different industries.

MOR Software
MOR Software

Asilla Inc

Asilla Inc., currently a startup with the world's leading AI behavioral recognition technology, is attracting the attention not only of engineers in Japan and Vietnam but also of engineers worldwide. world.
Asilla uses the Python programming language in the company's product building projects in the Computer Vision segment using Deep Learning technology. The company's products include: abnormal action recognition through surveillance cameras, multiple camera tracking, human pose estimation.
However, Asilla Inc. focuses on AI-related projects, so it does not yet offer a wide variety of projects for customers to choose from. 

Usol Vietnam

Usol Vietnam is a Member Company of Japan's leading technology group BIPROGY (formerly known as Nihon Unisys), which has so far made steady progress. Usol Vietnam is daily accumulating knowledge and experience in techniques and base software that are widely used in today's ICT systems to develop and maintain systems and base software for customers.
Usol Vietnam uses the Python programming language in diverse project fields: Banking, Finance, Insurance, Aviation, Production Management, etc.

Powergate Software

Powergate Software uses Python in fintech and blockchain domain projects from US customers. Build APIs for Fintech systems and use the Python - Flask framework on the Amazon Lambda environment.
PowerGate Software is a US-Vietnamese joint venture company, one of the leading companies in the field of software development and consulting in Vietnam. PowerGate Software is currently focusing on developing in foreign markets such as North America, UK, Australia... and becoming one of the most successful companies in software development throughout Vietnam. 

Hybrid Technologies

Hybrid Technologies is a Japanese-Vietnamese joint venture software technology company, providing comprehensive solutions and diverse working models such as: CRM & Cloud Services Development (Cloud), Web or mobile application development. Dynamics, AI/Blockchain Development or Digital Transformation Consulting (DX) …
Hybrid Technologies focuses on application and development solution projects based on blockchain technology and AI, so it only targets certain customers.


NashTech is an outstanding enterprise with services: software development and export, process development and outsourcing solutions, and technology solution consulting. Enterprises mainly apply automation technologies such as RPA, ML, AI, ... to help optimize operational processes. increase efficiency and work quality. Besides, NashTech also has a variety of programming languages such as: C#, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Scala, Go, DevOps, …
This is also a business chosen by many customers as an outsourcing solution provider on this automation platform because of many years of experience as well as previous successful projects


NOVAON uses programming languages such as: NET, C++, HTLM, Python, ... and is capable of using AI/ML technology in analyzing and developing software based on cloud computing (Colud).
With the mission of helping businesses succeed in digital transformation, NAVAON Group has well grasped the opportunities and challenges that the digital economy brings to create breakthroughs, change and bring good values.
Python's unique features make programming straightforward, making it one of the most preferred and reliable languages for server-side application development. MOR Software proudly stands as a leader in Vietnam for Python software development services.


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