TOP 5 JavaScript Development Companies in Vietnam

28 Apr 2023

Javascript has developed and works in almost every browser, from mobile to desktop devices. Currently, this need has not been fully met in the market. Because the number of experienced and skillful software engineers is still small. Below, MOR Software will review the top 5 JavaScript development companies in Vietnam. These companies have been certified by reviews and testimonials from reputable sites such as Tech Reviewer, Tech Times, Vietnam Software Association, GoodFirms, ODS Group, and Clutch.


TOP 5 JavaScript development companies in Vietnam
JavaScript is the most popular programming language.


1. VMO Holdings 


VMO is a reliable partner of many businesses in the field of Technology Solution Consulting and IT Outsourcing. With a team of young leaders and developers passionate about technology and full of enthusiasm, VMO has successfully implemented many projects in the US (50%), Europe (10%), Japan (20%), and Southeast Asia (20%). By 2021, VMO has more than 600 employees and 7 offices in Vietnam, the US, and Japan. VMO is not only strong in software development but also develops hardware-related fields, and embedded software. These include programming projects that connect unmanned aerial vehicles or projects to develop smart building systems and the application of temperature and humidity sensors in the agricultural and health sector. JavaScript is the most preferred programming language used by VMO (around 40%). 


2. MOR Software


MOR Software was rated by the Vietnam Software Association (Vinasa) as one of the Top 10 technology companies with impressive growth. Since its establishment, MOR has always maintained an annual growth rate of 200-300%. The key to success is a team of skillful software engineers who are fluent in foreign languages ​​and understand the needs of customers. The company’s outsourcing service is recognized by international standards for Quality Management (ISO 9001:2015) and Information Security Management systems (ISMS ISO 27001:2013). MOR Software has many remarkable results in custom web and mobile application development projects using JavaScript, ReactJS, PHP, Python, Swift, Java, and HTML5 for client companies. Here are some typical projects of MOR using JavaScript language:


  • Disaster Information Development System: This system is developed for the Japanese local government to manage disaster information, damage information, evacuation routes, shelter evacuation activities are hidden, etc when there is a disaster in the area.
  • HappinessBook is a healthcare application that can evaluate and analyze, and measure the user’s health status, and based on the measurement results, it can advise helping improve.
  • Recruitment site for personal trainers: A Japanese recruitment website that specializes in recruiting personal trainers and fitness trainers. CMS is a scoped system for managing administrators and managers. Moreover, it can also organize activities such as writing CVs and cover letters; job applications, and recruitment.


MOR Software as the Top 10 IT companies in Vietnam
MOR Software - Top 10 IT companies with impressive growth award by VINASA


Only in 2021, MOR has extended long-term contracts (more than 3 years) with more than 50 domestic and foreign corporate customers. The proportion of new customers arising from being introduced by old customers accounts for more than 50%.  


3. PowerGate Software


PowerGate is a software company with over 10 years of experience working with global partners. The company has the strength to serve English-speaking markets such as Australia, Canada, the UK, the USA. PowerGate’s main services are software development, IoT programming, Web development with diverse industries such as healthcare, Fintech, Education, E-commerce… PowerGate also pays great attention (about 35%) to projects that use JavaScript.  Led by experienced technology leaders and a team of about 250 young and highly skilled technology engineers, PowerGate approaches customer problems in modern ways to deliver creative software products. The professionalism in the project implementation has brought many great experiences to PowerGate’s customers and partners. 


4. CO-WELL Asia


CO-WELL Asia has grown continuously since its establishment in Vietnam in 2011. Currently, the company has more than 450 employees working in two Vietnam offices, located in Hanoi and Da Nang, and nearly 100 staff working in Tokyo and Miyazaki, Japan. The company has executed more than 250 software development projects for global clients including Business Solutions, E-Commerce, AR-VR, and Software Testing. 80% of these projects are for large corporates. The slogan of CO-WELL Asia is “Behind your success”. This shows CO-WELL Asia’s efforts in helping customers and partners optimize business operations through technology solutions. CO-WELL Asia is considered a reliable IT service provider, especially for software programs and applications developed in JavaScript. Some of the company’s notable achievements are its testing and information security services that meet international standards. 


CO-WELL Asia - Top 5 JavaScript development companies in Vietnam


5. Beesoft


Beesoft is a unicorn startup with impressive growth. In just 6 years of development, it has attracted more than 600 talented people to work for the company. Currently, the company has operating offices in Hanoi, Da Nang in Vietnam, and Tokyo Japan. Beetsoft specializes in IT software, IT Consulting, Application Development, Software Development, Game Development, Web Development, Systems Development. Especially, using JavaScript is one of the strengths of Beesoft, focusing on the industries of Video Games, Consumer Products & Services, and Financial Services. Beesoft has customers in more than 20 countries all around the world such as the UK, Europe, the USA, Israel, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia, the Middle East, Hong Kong… Some typical partners of Beesoft are NEC, Hyundai, Annotell, Vin Group, Playtika, Netwealth, P&M Software, Index Software, Futaba, Longway AI, Infiniq, Viettel,… 


JavaScript is still the most popular programming language today. It helps build advanced web and mobile applications, web services, and embedded software solutions. Therefore, outsourcing services using JavaScript are also the most demanded globally today. However, the flexibility of JavaScript is immense, each industry or application requires its specialization. Therefore, companies should be careful in choosing a suitable partner, capable of developing software and applications.

MOR Software is proud to be one of the top Vietnam development companies using JavaScript at competitive prices. Leave information for advice on technology solutions.

"MOR Software becomes great not only because of the achievements and scale we have reached, but the best thing we have is our colleagues, the employees who have built a solid foundation for this company along with me."

Vu Van Tu


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