Maximize Your Team's Potential with IT Staff Augmentation Services

04 Jun 2024

Is your company having difficulty finding the right human resources for your technology project? Do you want to maximize your team's potential while still being cost-effective? IT Staff Augmentation is the optimal solution to help you solve these challenges while improving your team's performance. Let's learn about IT Staff Augmentation in the article below

What is IT Staff Augmentation?

IT Staff Augmentation is a service model in the information technology (IT) sector that allows companies to outsource IT experts or teams of experts to supplement their existing staff. This is a form of outsourcing in which companies do not need permanent employees but can hire experts with specific skills for a certain period according to project needs or business.

IT Staff Augmentation Services

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

  • Cost savings: With IT Staff Augmentation, your company can reduce costs associated with recruiting, training, and maintaining permanent employees. You only need to pay professionals for the time they work, without worrying about benefits or long-term management costs.
  • Enhance staff expertise: You will have the opportunity to access leading experts in the field of information technology. These experts bring extensive knowledge and experience, helping improve project quality and efficiency.
  • High flexibility: IT Staff Augmentation allows you to easily adjust the number of personnel according to actual needs. When projects require more staff or when there are fluctuations in work, you can quickly add or reduce staff without hassle.
  • Fast and efficient: The process of recruiting and training new employees often takes a lot of time and effort. With IT Staff Augmentation, you can save time and quickly start projects with experts who are ready to work right away.
  • Focus on core resources: By outsourcing to IT experts, you can devote more time and resources to the core activities of your business. This helps increase business efficiency and achieve strategic goals more easily.

Different Models of IT Staff Augmentation

Short-term and Long-term

IT staff augmentation services can be used for short-term or long-term projects, depending on the business's specific needs.

  • Short-term: IT Staff Augmentation for short-term projects is often used when the business has urgent needs or specific projects that need to be completed in a short time. 

For example, you can hire IT experts for a few weeks or months to deploy new software or handle a special technical problem.

  • Long-term: For long-term projects, IT professionals may work with the business for a longer time, possibly months or even years. This ensures continuity and stability for large and complex projects.

Project-Based, Temporary, and Long-Term

IT Staff Augmentation services can be classified according to the nature of the project. 

  • Project-Based: For businesses seeking to recruit software developers or engineers for a defined project with a fixed duration.
  • Temporary: Temporary projects require IT resources for a short time and are specific, such as system troubleshooting or software upgrades. Specialists will work for a limited time and after completing the task, they will no longer be needed.
  • Long Term: Long-term projects require a long-term commitment from IT professionals to ensure continuity and quality of work. 
Models of IT Staff Augmentation
Models of IT Staff Augmentation

Skill-Based and Time-Based

  • Skills-Based: Some businesses need to hire IT professionals with specific skills that their current team lacks. 

For example, a company may need an expert in cybersecurity or artificial intelligence for a specific project. IT Staff Augmentation service will provide experts with the necessary skills in a short or long time depending on the needs of the project.

  • Time-Based: Businesses may need IT resources over the long term to support ongoing projects, not only to meet skills needs but also to contribute to the long-term growth of the company. These professionals can work with the company for many years, participate in long-term projects, and grow with the company.

Onshore, Nearshore and Offshore

IT Staff Augmentation can also classify resources based on geographical location. 

  • Onshore: Onshore services provide IT experts from the same country as the business. This helps synchronize time zones and cultures, making it easy to manage and communicate. 

For example, a company in the US hires IT experts from the US.

  • Nearshore: Nearshore provides resources from neighboring countries with nearly the same time zone, helping to reduce management and communication difficulties.

For instance, a company in the US hires IT professionals from Mexico or Canada.

  • Offshore: Offshore provides resources from more distant countries at lower costs, but requires more careful management due to time zone and cultural differences. 

For example, a company in the US hires IT professionals from India or the Philippines.

When You Need Staff Augmentation?

There are many situations where businesses need to use IT staff augmentation services.

Short-Term Projects

IT Staff Augmentation is the ideal solution when you have a short-term project and need additional resources immediately. You can hire IT experts to complete specific tasks quickly, saving time and costs compared to traditional recruitment.

Filling Skills Gaps

If your business lacks the necessary skills, hiring IT experts from Staff Augmentation Services is an effective way to fill this gap. This ensures that the project is delivered professionally and on schedule, without investing in internal training.

Rapid Scaling Needs

When businesses need to expand rapidly to meet growing business demands, IT Staff Augmentation provides timely solutions. You can add the necessary staff without having to spend time on complicated recruitment and training processes.

Cost Efficiency

IT Staff Augmentation service helps businesses optimize costs by hiring IT experts only when needed. This helps reduce costs associated with recruiting, training, and retaining long-term employees. You only pay experts for the time they work, avoiding unnecessary costs.

How IT Staff Augmentation Works?

IT staff augmentation services often follow a clear process to ensure efficiency and professionalism. This process includes the following steps:

1. Identifying the Need

First, businesses need to identify their IT resource needs clearly. This includes identifying specific skills, required experience, and desired length of employment.

2. Selecting a Vendor

After determining the needs, businesses will choose a suitable IT Staff Augmentation service vendor. This requires careful consideration of the supplier's reputation, experience and responsiveness, as well as compatibility with the business's budget.

3. Recruitment by Vendor

The service vendor will recruit IT experts according to the business's requirements. They will search for and select professionals with the necessary skills and experience to meet the business's project needs.

4. Integration

Once recruited, IT experts will be integrated into the business's existing team. This process includes introducing them to the project, work processes, and corporate culture, ensuring they clearly understand the mission and goals to be achieved.

5. Management and Oversight

Businesses and service providers will jointly manage and monitor the work process of IT professionals. This is to ensure that experts complete the work on schedule, to the required quality and coordinate well with the existing team.

6. Completion of Contract

When the contract ends, IT experts will leave the project. Businesses can evaluate the results and effectiveness of IT Staff Augmentation services, review successes achieved, and learn from any challenges encountered. 

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IT Staff Augmentation Works

The Difference between IT Staff Augmentation and IT Outsourcing

IT staff augmentation and IT outsourcing are two popular outsourcing models, but they have fundamental differences.


IT Staff Augmentation

IT Outsourcing


Hire IT personnel to add to the existing teamOutsource entire IT projects or processes to outsiders


Self-managed companyManaged service vendor

Team integration

Additional hires work as part of the existing team.The outsourcing team works separately from the main company.


High, easy to adjust the number and time of hiring personnel.Flexible in services but less flexible in human resource management.


The company has direct control over personnel and projects.The outsourcing company has control and management of the project.


Better information security due to personnel working in the company.There may be security risks due to information being shared outside.

Scope of Work

Suitable for projects that require direct participation of personnel in the existing team.Suitable for projects that can be separated and completely assigned to another company.

Deployment time

Quick because you only need to add personnel to the existing team.It may take time due to the need to set up contracts and workflows.


Costs are based on salaries and benefits for additional personnel.The cost is usually the service package or overall contract.

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TOP 5 IT Staff Augmentation Service Companies 2024

MOR Software

MOR Software is one of the leading companies in the field of providing IT staff augmentation services. With a team of experienced IT experts and a strict recruitment process, MOR Software is committed to providing optimal solutions for businesses, helping them achieve their business goals effectively.



Akkodis provides consulting and project services in addition to temporary and permanent staffing solutions, especially in the IT and engineering sectors. The company provides specialized services for engineering and digitalization projects, focusing on industries such as government, telecommunications, energy and automotive.



Turing is a technology company that helps businesses improve productivity. They also automate processes with different products and services. Turing provides artificial intelligence and robotic process automation solutions. 

Turing's IT workforce enhancement services deliver many benefits to businesses, including increased performance and productivity, cost savings, scalability, improved accuracy and competitive advantage.



Softura is a renowned IT workforce enhancement company, that provides high-quality services to companies and startups. The company provides highly skilled professionals that help eliminate technical barriers and strengthen your team.



DreamSoft4u is one of the leading companies in enhancing IT human resources, helping businesses expand their human resources team. With an extensive network and professional working process, DreamSoft4u always provides IT experts that best suit the needs of the business.


In conclusion, IT staff augmentation service is a flexible solution that helps businesses optimize their teams effectively and cost-effectively. 

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