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IT consulting services will assist you in enhancing the efficiency, scalability, and competitiveness of your business by enabling the appropriate use of technology and optimizing development processes. Let's dive into our offerings.


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IT Consulting Services

Business Analysis Consulting

Throughout the project timeline, our main goal is to understand and specify customer’s pain-points, visualize for mutual understanding and design a structural solution to resolve all problems in a simplest and most optimized way possible. With the aid of our consulting, the benefits include:

Define problems and create a solution with the aim to covers all the customers’ issues.

Collaborate regularly with the customer to break down the solution into details.

Consult and produce a system that solve the goal and provide the best user experience.

Create and update project documents to save all the changes and updates.

Review, gather and elicit requirement fast and frequently to improve and keep the initial solution up-to-date .

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Software Architecture Consulting

Our professionals conduct research and analysis to suggest the most suitable software solution and right technology. The scope of services can be:

Consulting the best-matching architectural solutions and IT & infrastructure to meet business needs.

Analyzing the existing IT architecture & infrastructure to improve.

Recommending the right technology to scale or upgrade.

Offering dynamic methodologies & powerful tools to prevent the product from IT risks and errors or cyber security.

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Digital transformation consulting

The objective is to enhance business efficiency by designing, prioritizing, and steering digital transformation initiatives. The focus areas of digital transformation include:

Digital supply chain, including demand forecasting, multi-channel order management, and inventory.

Quality control, production optimization, preventive maintenance, and digital twins.

Healthcare digitization, comprising telemedicine, medical image analysis, remote health monitoring, and digital patient engagement.

Digital work environment, including team collaboration, e-learning, remote work, and daily workflow automation.

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Technology consulting

We aim to integrate revolutionary digital technologies to bring about transformative changes to your business model and processes. The following services are provided:

Choosing the right and & scalable technology.

Estimating the potential value that technology can bring.

Devising a roadmap for technology adoption.

Selecting the appropriate licenses.

Providing implementation specifications.

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Application modernization

The aim of application modernization is to enhance the business value of existing applications. The following services are provided:

Evaluation of the cost of ownership for the applications, along with identification of potential opportunities for cost reduction.

Migration of the applications to the cloud.

Replatforming the applications.

Re-architecting the applications to improve scalability and flexibility.

Code refactoring.

Redesigning user experience for both internal users and customers.

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IT infrastructure management

The objective is to guarantee the reliability and adaptability of your IT system. Our services encompass the following:

Supervision of servers, networks, data centers, cloud services.

Rapid resolution of incidents.

Examination of the underlying reasons for problems and taking necessary measures to prevent them from recurring.

Assessment of IT infrastructure security and addressing any detected vulnerabilities.

Advancement of IT infrastructure.

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Process Quality Assurance (PQA) consulting

As a ISTQB Platinum partner, we aim to help you maintain control over software delivery by streamlining your Quality Assurance workflows. The following services are provided:

Designing a comprehensive and systematic Quality assurance process.

Reviewing & fine-tuning current Quality assurance practices to meet international standards.

Suggesting how to strategically reshape legacy & operation workflows.

Optimizing the cost of software quality assurance.

Training and examing ISTQB certification.

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Mor Software

Proven solutions to manage your IT

IT consultants and experts from MOR Software will support you in growing the return on your IT investment to this extent:


resulting from KPIs based on data sciences


resulting from obviously defined project timelines


resulting from the automation of business processes


resulting from upgrade IT infrastructure

Mor Software

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