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Our Offerings

MOR Software offers mobile app development services that provide businesses and brands with the ability to discover new opportunities, delivering high-quality solutions that are feature-rich, accurate, and future-ready. Our expertises craft a strong strategy to develop applications across platforms with the optimal combination of technologies.

Mobile Application Consulting

We are a Center of Excellence with extensive experience in providing expert consultation and strategies to create successful mobile applications that dominate the market.

Mobile UI & UX Design

Our team of experienced design professionals is dedicated to crafting captivating and interactive Application User Interface and User Experience that enhance conversion rates, user adoption, and engagement.

Mobile Application Development

We are a reputable mobile application development company that empowers businesses with Native and Hybrid Mobile Applications, Progressive Web Applications, and Wearable and Embedded Software Development.

Mobile Application Modernization

Our custom mobile application development services offer a solution to modernize outdated applications by redesigning, re-architecting and refactoring codes with the blend of rich features and technologies.

Web Companion Development

To provide a seamless user experience across various platforms and operating systems, we enhance business mobile applications by intergrating with web applications and portals.

Mobile Application Integration

We generate seamless integration with the mobile backend, server, and third-party software to ensure flawless synchronization and smooth functionality of your mobile application.

Mobile Application QA & Testing

We always ensure application's quality by various testing approaches such as accessibility, functional, performance, security testing and UX. Our ISTQB certified testers guarantee mobile application functions work flawlessly under all circumstances.

Maintenance and Support

As a well-known mobile app development provider, we offer routine check-ups and assistance to ensure that business mobile applications run smoothly without any interruptions.

Mor Software

Mobile development life cycle


Our project manager will estimate resource and plan the schedule for project. Roadmap and sprint objectives will be defined in this phase. Then you'll have an overview about project.



Our business analysts identify business needs and suggest suitable solutions. The main objective is clarifying the business goals and the website interface. They ensure that everyone involved, including business stakeholders and the IT team, is on the same page.



Our mobile app design process begins with an analysis of the target audience and planning user-friendly journeys. Our UI designers then create a stylish interface, and our solution architects plan functional components and optimal tech to ensure a feasible business logic. We also map API connections within and outside the web solution.




Development mostly involves coding to turn a design model into a fully-functional product. It can be divided into two parts: front-end and back-end. While the task of front-end is to guarantee a flawless user-friendly experience, the back-end job is the hard functional part that guarantees the functioning of the whole system.


Testing & Integration

We establish APIs to integrate your web applications with external systems and services, ensuring instant data synchronization across systems. Our team of skilled testing engineers work hard to provide flawless, efficient, user-friendly, and secure web solutions for our customers.



We enhance your web-based software to maintain its efficiency, competitiveness, and alignment with your evolving business requirements. Our established DevOps processes enable us to deploy urgent updates in 1-2 days and release planned functional modules every 2-6 weeks.


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Mor Software

Business benefits of Mobile Applications

Developing applications with an effective strategy can generate a multitude of essential advantages for the business


Incorporating enterprise applications and mobile analytics can enhance employee productivity.


By embracing the power of mobility, businesses can unlock the potential for the next generation of m-commerce capabilities and opportunities.


Digital experience based on smart design can boost customer engagement and increase retention rates.


Incorporating mobile applications can solidify the accuracy of data, thereby strengthening business intelligence.

Mor Software


Diverse platforms

Our mobile apps are developed for diverse platforms including native applications, cross-platform applications, and hybrid web applications.

Diverse devices

Our mobile application development services cover various versions of iOS, watchOS, Android, and Wear OS.

Diverse users

We develop mobile applications for both popular users and corporate (only for internal users), as well as create monetized products.


We provide solutions for mobile-only applications and mobile applications that are integrated with web applications, including Progressive Web Applications (PWAs).

Ultra technology

We integrate ultra technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), IoT, Cloud-Based, 5G connectivity and so on to mobile apps.

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Our quality commitment

Mobile Applications with optimized digital experiences

Our mobile application development services enable businesses and brands to discover new prospects by delivering a smooth and functional user experience with feature-rich, precise, and future-ready solutions. Our talented software engineers provide a robust roadmap and strategy to develop applications across platforms with a suitable blend of technologies. We guarantee:

Insightful business analysis for spot-on concept creation

Intuitive UX to minimize the bounce rate or user errors

Modern UI to raise engagement and conversions

Fail-proof performance for rewarding digital experience

Smooth integration to streamline workflows

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Leverage our domain expertise and market knowledge to enable your business to grow and expand with a suitable technology solution.

Human Resource Management

At MOR, we develop optimal software solutions to manage various aspects of HR such as recruitment, performance, training, and payroll, which helps streamline HR processes and promote better engagement among employees.

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Finance and Banking

We support implementing Internet banking for both corporate and personal users including web-based and mobile apps with enriched features. We also develop platforms for finances such as Supply Chain Financing, Loan Management Systems, and Fee engines.

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MOR helps manufacturing companies bolster up their operations and cultivate an innovative environment. From asset control and production automation to resource planning and inventory management — the expertise we deliver facilitates a variety of industrial and business processes. Whether it comes to integrating new software with existing enterprise solutions or building custom tech tools from the ground up, our team of engineers leverages robust technologies and development practices to support manufacturers.

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Food and Beverage

We provide software development services to help restaurants streamline their operations and improve overall efficiency such as managing inventory, planning resources as well as managing the supply chain.

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Mor Software

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Thank you for your interest! Please fill out the left form, we will contact you as soon as possible. If you have something else to share with us, feel free to directly grab a talk via or hotline at +84 869 738 833/ +81 3 59246616.

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